The Risk

Last night I had a conversation with some new friends here in the Beautiful Australia and I would like to share something with you guys to reflect upon:

"Those people you see, on the National Geographic or Discovery Chanel, who try to reach the top of the Everest, are they crazy or what ?"

Now, picture this. For many decades, many men and women have tried... and there, they lost their lives. As a matter of fact, most of these people were not even able to return to their loved ones. Despite this tragic statistic, more and more people tried... risking... knowing that they probably will die during this journey, leaving family, children, wives behind.

So, why they still did/do this ? Because it was worth it doing it. In the very risk, a transformation happens in you, something is born inside you. No other experience can give you this. It only can be developed in the risk. That's the beauty of risk.

So, here we are, talking about the idea of "live your live to the most", no regrets, no looking back.

Then another question arise: "Can you remember when did you feel most alive?"

For some, it was when they managed to speak a second language for first time, for others was when they first did bungie-jumping in New Zealand or Switzerland, for others was when their first child was born.

Now, if you remember "your special moment", I bet a shiver will run through your spine and your heartbeat increase. If I ask you to describe this feeling, you will be talking about this moment, proud of yourself and about how cool was it.

I can almost tell a pattern where people will :

- Talk about a scenario in which the risk pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and;
- The outcome of the risk is not the main goal, instead the journey is what they remember most and;
- They finish the story with a big smile and sparkling eyes.

So, there it goes. Think again about that first question I mentioned. Now, my idea is that the beauty of the risk doesn't lie in the final result - it lies in who you become in the process. Confident. Engaged. Alive. I risk to say more: this is not something you do every summer
- it becomes a habit, and it can be contagious. It gives you a new approach to life. After doing it, your life is just not the same anymore, otherwise you will feel stagnant, bored.

So, just like that famous question:"when was the last time you did something for the first time?"

See you all later!



  1. Not exactly a risk - but years ago, I was surfing with some mates. It was a sunny morning and we had been surfing all morning since 8am. We stopped for lunch, exhausted, and lay in the park for a while.

    Before heading back to Brisbane at 2pm, we were going to head back in for one small surf. The onshore wind had picked up after lunch, clouds had appeared and the whitecaps were on the water. It definitely wasn't like the surf in the morning. No one else was on the beach except us. I was driving back once we were finished at the beach and tired already, so I just sat on the beach while my 2 mates went for a surf.

    The water was getting rougher and choppier, and it started to rain lightly then more steady, when all of a sudden 20-30 guys with boards ran onto the beach as the rain started to get heavier.

    Not knowing what was going on, I decided to do the same, grabbed my board and jumped in the water.

    The rain and offshore wind, in a matter of minutes, had flattened out the small, choppy, unrideable surf and now the waves were big, long and rolling and so easy to catch (I was a beginner)

    The three of us were surfing for the next 40 minutes on these big rolling waves, with the rain and wind in our faces. You could catch every wave and there was no whitewash to paddle through on your way out again.

    It was the best surfing hour of my life so far! :)

  2. pipen, my friend, you know how to tell a story. I have no doubts that was a very nice moment, I even could picture the beach at this day reading yoru description.

    And yes, I think it still talks about the risk...since you did not know what to expect by going to the sea. And now you have this really cool story to tell.

    see you later!