Be Audacious! Today!

Yes, this is something for us to think about. Even God reach out for the audacious ones.
Among the many lessons I have learn in this life, here it is a very important one: Face the reality, nobody will/can do anything for you unless yourself.

Every single thing you conquer in this life, is directly related to what you do or don't do. Nothing is sacred. Absolutely everything in this life can be changed for better or for worse at anytime you want.

Those who take ownership of their acts, those who assume the responsibilities of their actions are the real winners in this life. Winners face all the challenges, even during those times when there are no guarantees of success.
Based on that, I would like to share with you the one of the best declarations of self-love, self-esteem, conviction and willing to win I've seen in a long time: "The traditional way to face the outer space exploration has been to carry all the fuel needed to bring the astronauts back in case of an emergency or when something goes wrong; but in order to reach out further in the vast space, we must be audacious. This first audacious expedition team needs to travel to the Moon without the fuel to return back to Earth; So, they must be able to produce their necessary fuel there, on the Moon.
Sounds crazy, but we can do this in 7 years, and I intend to lead this expedition.
There was a time when people did audacious things to expand new frontiers. Unfortunately, as a whole, it seems that we forgot those days and how to do this. Today, we live in a moment where we need to be audacious again." - words from Bill Stone, Explorer.

When I saw this man talking about these things, I confess shivers crossed my spine. To get inside a space shuttle heading to the moon without the fuel to return?!!! That's crazy!

And once again, this brings back the idea of the fear and the risk. We need it to feel alive. Without it, we are just robots, or like plants in a jar.

In this world sometimes we are so full of ourselves, our cars, our dream houses, our status, our jobs and our titles, our fancy mobiles, our nice looking ties, our web systems with our strong passwords, that when someone comes out with such a simple concept and at the same time so unbearable, this one person breaks all the mediocrity, all the plastic convictions that we learn from the TV shows and shows us what is the reality of things.

The beauty of Bill's speech goes beyond the courage to risk. The beauty is that he is taking ownership of the risks and the challenges of it. He is being his own lab mouse. If someone have to risk anything for what I believe, let it be me; if someone have to die for anything I believe, let it be me; take your life according to your own convictions, never ask someone to do something that you would not do it yourself, do not explore others, do not bet on someone's head, do not step on nobody's toes, do not take advantage of the other's weaknesses; pay all your taxes, never ask someone to bring you a cup of water, stand up and go get it yourself; drink your own wine; use your own products; be the customer of your own company; challenge all the Gods, because if any of those Gods really exists, he/she would expect you to be fearless, audacious, untamed and not a couch potato with a remote control in one hand and a can of nutella in the other; This God would expect you to be unbearable, to see you in the unknown, in the darkness searching for a new light, breaking new grounds.

Yeah, you probably have heard something like:” it is being hard to bring my ideas from the paper to the reality". Pure non sense!! I've never met no one who haven't written his ideas on a paper and did not try them in a real life scenario; but in other hand, I know hundreds who never tried their own cool ideas simply because they never tried to write them down on paper first.

How would you know what to do, when to do, how to do, why to do, what comes first, what comes last, if you keep saving these ideas for yourself only?

I are too busy, the projects consume too much of your time etc. but again, if you don't do it, who will do it for you? Stand up! get you own cup of coffee! Remember?

Are you ready to get on board on a travel to the unknown and find your way out once there? Remember, you have only this life to try it. Do your best. Think about it.

See you all.



  1. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    Awesome article...If not now ...when? Very motivating...

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    N.O.W No other way!