A few ways to recognize your employeers work

Here goes a few ideas about how to recognize your employees works and that probably will help you to make the office space a better place to live:
  • For your new employee, on his first day at work, put on his desk some chocolates and a written letter:"Welcome to our team!"
  • Give your employees a sign or plate with their name to place on his desk or hang outside his door. It makes a bid difference!
  • Try to pin point and understand EXACTLY what motivates you to work.
  • Give a "Pizza Party" at your department. This can happen in the last day of the month, during somebody's birthday or simply because you are hungry and want to celebrate a Friday.
  • Read letters from satisfied customers in front of everyone, share with them your accomplishments.
  • Create 'goals' and distribute them away with a message: "Dinner for 2 for those who make it happen".
  • Talk regularly with every single employee, but let each one of them in charge of scheduling the date. Give them this responsibility and look like they are calling you for meeting.


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