Test Drive: Xbox SmartGlass on Windows 8

If you have installed the new Windows 8, you will notice there is an application called Xbox SmartGlass. SmartGlass at first seems just like a regular app that talks about movies etc., however it integrates completely with your Xbox experience. Here’s how to setup your SmartGlass.
In your Windows 8 Start menu, tap the Xbox SmartGlass application.
Your Windows 8 device will try to connect to the Xbox console. Make sure you are connected to the internet and your Xbox Live account is on.
2 3
In a few seconds the two devices will start trying to “talk” to each other. Once the connection is established, your windows 8 notebook or tablet will be effectively part of your Xbox ecosystem. Like a remote control.
From your tablet, now you can access to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. If you have a 360 dashboard in your console you will notice that it is not quite exactly the same look of your Xbox, but it definitely has all the functions, just that they are adapted to the tabled.
4 5
Your tablet or notebook becomes truly a Xbox controller. Swipe your fingers across the screen and you see that your Xbox will respond to it. In a more detailed view, you can see how the surface of your tablet is configured as a SmartGlass controller. We even have access to the typical controller buttons.
7 9
Now one of the coolest things. If you have Xbox applications like Vevo, Foxtel on Xbox etc. You can control and watch movies from it. In this case I am playing the movie Gattaca.
but wait, there is more! Microsoft went one step ahead. Look that in your SmartGlass is able to retrieve and display detailed information regarding the movie. The device I am using is not a Windows 8 “official” tablet. but the expectation is that we will be able to find more information about the movie, characters, actors as we watch and even streaming the movie to the tablet…making the whole media experience superb! You can potentially leave your room and continue watching the movie in the tablet.
Another great feature is that SmartGlass is a “dockable” application, so you can continue using your Windows 8 environment for work, editing Office documents, browsing the internet and at the same time keep watching the movie in the left side of the screen.
All in all, Windows 8 is amazing so far and Xbox will definitely become more than just a gaming console. I can’t wait to get my hands in the first Microsoft Surface and try all these things. Have a look at the video demoing the Xbox SmartGlass



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