How to Change Currency from Windows Store in Surface, Windows RT

if you just received your Microsoft Surface RT, when going to the Windows 8 app store you should see the prices in your local currency. In my case I saw the prices in British Pounds…living in Australia it does not make much sense…so if you come across this, here’s how to fix:


at the Start Menu, type ‘location’. and select the option ‘Settings’ and ’Change location’


in the next screen, choose your correct location. In my case, my Surface was configured to ‘United Kingdom’, so I just changed to ‘Australia’

click OK and voila! all set. If you go to the Windows Store again you should see the prices adjusted to your correct currency.


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  1. Thanks to my "Aussie Cousin" this Kiwi has just managed to change pounds to NZ dollars (after owning my Windows RT for a few months now!). Thanks again.