Microsoft Surface scratch problems

This is how my Microsoft Surface looks like after 6-months of daily usage.


For the record, I *love* my Surface. It replaced my iPad and my MacBook Air flawlessly, and I never went back to the Apple products. It is really a perfect companion. It if had a non-reflective screen I would even use it as my Kindle to read books.

No, I am not an unconsidered user. I am actually very careful with all my IT gadgets. I carry my Surface in a proper soft-material bag and I make sure it is always clean and tidy. My friends will tell you how I treat it. Below you can see a photo of my my Surface case. This is how I carry my Surface at all times!

photo 1 photo 2

However, despite all that, my Surface got these scratches in the side and in the logo behind. Every time someone comes to ask me about the Surface, I am full of praises, but as a good consultant I also have to inform about the sad news then I show these things to the curious minds Sad smile I must say, it is a bit of a downer. Bugger.

I wish I could tell you my Surface experience is 100%. If wasn’t for the hardware, It would be.

*Please Microsoft, fix this in the next generation*



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