New Yammer Office 365 Features

If you're a current user of Yammer, you will be pleased to hear the great news Yammer team have done for you.
If you're not, I recommend for you to give it a try. In short, Yammer is like a "Facebook" for the enterprise.


It was acquired by Microsoft and soon later incorporated under the Office 365 umbrella.

It's great integration with document authoring tools and a very intuitive and responsive design are the coolest features of the product. This month, Microsoft made some announcements for the product that aim to raise its profile and increase adoption by the users across the board.


Immersive Experience

Files now can be previewed and edited straight out of Yammer. A unobtrusive window will appear on top of your browser session with the Office Online tool required to edit your document and then saved directly to the cloud. Changes made in the file are appropriately tracked with out-of-the-box versioning.

External Collaborators

Another cool feature from Yammer is the ability to share document with people outside your organization, if needed. Now Microsoft is taking this to the next step: External people can collaborate on the document together with your team is needed. This is not a paid feature, this is now available to everyone using Yammer.

Real-Time Co-Authoring

Document preview in Office Online is already available as of today. Real-Time Co-Authoring is in the roadmap for early 2016.

If you use Yammer, feel free to engage in the conversation in the comments. If not, what are you waiting for? :) join the fun. You can even create a Yammer network for your own family members, for example. Like your own family Facebook!

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