Personality and Imperative Test: Ambassador

I’m not a big fan of personality tests. I think that sometimes they show a different side of us that might not represent our individual as a whole. However I took the suggestion of a friend over twitter and gave the a try. And I was pleasantly surprised. The description is very very accurate about my drivers in life.

I am not sure if you believe these things or not, either way give it a try. Worst case scenario it will be fun.

Meanwhile have a look at my profile. Below are my results:

The Ambassador

You make your mark on society by facilitating authentic human connection.

Edge Pereira: My imperative is to shape societies and communities to help them overcome societal barriers engaging them and bringing them together.

You change the world by connecting and bringing people together. Driven to promote fairness and equality to ensure equal access to opportunities - you work to empower communities and enable them to tackle significant challenges that bring about large-scale change. By connecting people through a shared vision and fostering commitment and ownership, you ignite the collective energy and drive needed to move towards concrete societal progress. Your work feels especially worthwhile when you see your contributions leading to widespread changes that expand opportunities for all.


Who Do I Want to Impact: Society

You seek to impact communities and society. You find purpose when you:

  • See others promote your solutions and ideas
  • Implement a new policy
  • See a change you made have long term impact


Why Do I Work: Harmony

You are driven to ensure everyone has access to opportunity. You find purpose when you:

  • Level the playing field
  • Help others overcome barriers
  • Ensure everyone is heard


How Do I Solve Problems: Community

You bring groups together to build engagement and ownership. You find purpose when you:

  • See a team come together to accomplish a goal
  • Connect two people who would get along
  • Empower a group solve its own problems


Defining Motto

“Equality is not a concept. It's not something we should be striving for. It's a necessity. Equality is like gravity.”-
Joss Whedon

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