Windows 10 Hidden Screen Recording Tool

In my last presentation I used the Windows 10 built-in recorder feature. And for my surprise, a lot of people never heard of it!

So I thought about writing a post I can use and refer people to on how to use this “hidden” cool feature.

First think press “Windows Key + G”

This will bring up the following menu. Don’t worry if it is a game bar or not, just choose “Yes, this is a game” here.image

Next, you will see the following bar. In there you see the reb button which is the start/stop recording. As soon as you click on it, Windows 10 will start recording your screen.


When you’re happy with your recording, press/click the red button again. The recording will stop and you will see the following message in your notification area,


Your recording is saved in your Videos/Captures folder.

Well, that’s it. Simple, hey? I hope you found this tip useful. Let me know what do you think.

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