The Valley of the Kings Internet Version

The valley of the Kings is an archaeological site in Luxor, Egypt where 63 tombs and burial chambers are located. As you expect, several illustrious and very powerful people (aka. Pharaohs) from back then are buried there, hence the name “Valley of the Kings”. This was like 15 centuries BC. And they are all located in a small area. This has a strong symbolism.


Nowadays if you exclude the leaders of the powerful nations, the powerful folks are really the giant companies. From tech, to chemical and pharmaceutical…these guys rule our planet and the direction when the winds blow.

The Economist recently created a cool infographic about the Silicon Valley companies and their size in millions of dollars. When I saw this picture I immediately recalled the Valley of the Kings map. Have a look and tell me if that’s not strikingly similar…well, considering these companies are alive and kicking!


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