The World in the Year 2020, According to Gartner #GartnerSYM

Every year, Gartner releases a list of predictions in a huge simultaneous event across the globe (respecting the individual location timezones) which are followed closely by strategists, IT thought leaders, futurists et all from all over the world. The 2015 event key takeaways were:

  • Autonomous Software,
  • RoboBoss and
  • Smart Devices.

I’ll spare you the suspense. Let’s go straight to them. Here are are Gartner’s top 10 predictions for 2020.


#10 - Writers Belong to the Past

Machines will be responsible for 20% of all business content created. In fact, these “robowriters”, as they are called, already produce reports, sports tickers, graphics etc. Once you stop to think about it, yeah, they are here already.

#9 - Connected “Things” will Need You

6 billion connected things will be requesting support. This “things” are smart-devices living in the Internet of Things (IoT)  needing services, data etc. It is expected that campaigns of new business models will be developed targeting these “things” which will then influence their owners.

#8 - Software that Works on its Own

Autonomous software”, that’s the keyThese are agents working independent of human interaction. They will participate in 5% of all financial transactions across the globe. Machine learning systems and predictive algorithms are actually beginning to perform transactions in many banks without our help as of now.

#7 - Meet Your New Boss: A Robot-Drone

3+ million workers will have a roboboss. It is unclear at this stage how this interaction will develop, as in a employee-boss setting or if it will be on a employee-watchdog basis. Either way, artificial intelligence will play a big part in this story.

#6 - RoboCop Buildings

20% of smart buildings will experience digital vandalism. From hacking to physical damage, these are smart, automated constructions which will affect the lives of communities around them. Hacking IoT is a new attack vector.

#5 - Top Companies will Have Machines as Employees

50% of the top IT companies will have more smart machines than smart employees. That’s because several smart machines will be easy to leverage new ones by the same group of smart employees.

#4 - Digital Assistants Will Interact with People

Digital assistants will finally recognize and interact with individuals by face and voice, a bit like what Microsoft Kinect does today. They will open the doors for a new age of biometric security, incorporated with a much powerful and consistent delivery.

#3 - All Your Health and Fitness Data Are Belong to Us

2 million people will be required to wear fitness tracking devices as a condition of employment. This will affect deeply the insurance industry and the design of smart cities. People will be encouraged to be healthier and with the “open doors privacy” (allowing iWatch, Facebook etc read and share individual data) currently being the status-quo, that trend will definitely get stronger.. Overall this is clearly a fantastic benefit for the community living in the year 2020. Likely people won’t be using independent trackers, but instead this tech will be incorporated into their current devices.

#2 - Apps will Use Apps for You Better Than You

40% of mobile interactions will be done paired with smart agents. Yet again another prediction following the mantra of autonomous apps and software.

#1 - When a Cloud Security Breach Happens, It is Because of You

Cloud security will be so powerful and so pervasive that 95% of all failures happening in the cloud will be due to  customer's fault (not the vendor’s), varying from poor usage and risky user behaviours up to incompetence. Did your data leaked to 4Chan? Don’t blame AWS or Microsoft. It was you!

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