Azure DevTest Labs Now in Preview

Busy week for Microsoft Azure. Another feature comes in preview today: Azure DevTest Labs


What it is ?

Azure DevTest Labs gives developers on-demand self-service for Azure-based test environments. With DevTest Labs developers can:

  • Quickly provision development and test environments.
  • Minimize waste with quotas and policy enforcement.
  • Set automated shutdowns to minimize costs.
  • Create a VM in a few clicks with reusable templates.
  • Get going quickly using VMs from pre-created pools.
  • Build within Windows and Linux environments.
  • Integrate directly with your preferred CI tool, IDE, or automated release pipeline.

A really cool feature is that the Dev VMs can be saved as templates and reused across organizational teams  of developers.


How Much it Costs?

Azure DevTest Labs is a free service. However, you will be charged for other Azure resources that are created in the Lab. For example, you will be charged for the virtual machines that are created in the DevTest Labs per our virtual machine.

See this new product here at the Azure DevTest Labs webpage

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