Azure Disk Encryption Now Available

Brand new feature deployed today on Microsoft Azure as preview: Disk Encryption

About Azure Disk Encryption

Azure Disk Encryption for virtual machines (VMs) is the answer to many organizations that could not have VMs running in the cloud mainly due to security and legislation compliance requirements.



What it Does?

What this technology does it to encrypt the VM disks, including boot and data disks, with keys and policies which are controlled in the Azure Key Vault.



It Works for non-Windows Systems

Disk Encryption for VMs works for both Linux and Windows operating systems. It also uses Key Vault to safeguard, manage, and audit the use of disk encryption keys. All the data in your VM disks is encrypted at rest using industry-standard encryption technology in your Azure Storage accounts.



What Encryption is Used?

Windows VMs uses BitLocker and the Linux VMs are using dm-crypt


How Much it Costs?

This is at no charge. Gratis! The reason for that is because this is brand new and still in preview mode. Microsoft is expected to start charging for it in some way when the product becomes live. Meanwhile it is a great opportunity for you to start playing around with it and testing your systems.

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