I’m Speaking at the Infrastructure Saturday 2015 Australia

Once again I am honoured to be part of the Infrastructure Saturday event in Australia. This is such a great opportunity to connect with the local IT community and talk about tech and experiences with a local flavour and feel.

Session Details

  • Title: “When a data breach happens, what’s your plan ?”
  • Abstract: Ashley Madison, Sony, Kapersky Labs, LastPass, CentreLink, G20 event in Brisbane…What do they all have in common? They were victims of data breaches. And as you probably know by now, some were handled better than others. In this session we will talk about strategies, from mitigation to handling, used when a data breach happens (not “if”) and what controls do we have if you are using Office 365.”
  • Local: Microsoft Offices, George St, 4000, Brisbane, Australia


Where Are the Slides?

You can find the slides here


Looking forward to talk about this topic!! Below are some of the art done to promote my session. Loved the work Smile





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