Microsoft EMS Usergroup Presentation: EMS - Everybody Together Now!

I love talking to the local cloud community. These guys are a good bunch of folks that put their own time and resources to bring innovative and up-to-date content for everyone to see for free! Big shout of to Aaron, from Microsoft for the support.

This week I presented to the Microsoft Cloud User Group in Brisbane, Australia. We talked about EMS in a demo-heavy session!


For this session we set vert ambitious targets in terms of demos. My opinion is that EMS is a fantastic but only through hands-on experience is how people realise the value proposition of this product. We ended up doing 40 minutes of demos with Q&A as needed. Great engagement!

BYOD Device Management and ATA Advanced Threat Analytics 




Where Can I Get the Presentation Slides ?

If you’re interested in the slides, they are here: EMS Everybody Together now! – Microsoft Brisbane Cloud Usergroup

As always, feel free to reach out if you would like to know more.

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