Surface Pro 3 Battery Problems

Do you have a Surface Pro 3?


Are you experiencing very low, fast battery duration like the case mentioned below? (from winsupersite)


If yes, looks like you’re in for a bit of a pain. Microsoft has acknowledged some Surface Pro 3 models have a battery issue where the battery charge is continuously draining and soon it will be unusable. Think in terms of, 1 or 2 hours max of duration. A far cry from ideal. There is a thread now also in Reddit on the topic and on the apparent silence from Microsoft on this.

How Do I Know My Surface Pro has this Issue?

The issue is related to the manufacturer, called SIMPLO. All models that have a battery from this manufacturer have or will have this problem.

How Do I Know the Battery Manufacturer of my Surface Pro ?

There is a neat command-line utility in windows that gives you that information. In your command-prompt type the command powerfcg /batteryreport


This will generate an HTML report about your battery, including the manufacturer as you can see here:


If the manufacturer reads “SIMPLO”, your device has a problematic battery. In this case, the manufacturer is “LGC-LGC” which indicates this device has an OK battery.

What Should I do if My Surface Pro 3 has a Bad Battery ?

If you’re Surface has less than 1 year, you’re covered by warranty. After that, you should raise your voice and complain to  Microsoft here. There is already a growing list of people doing that and pressing Microsoft for a reasonable solution, after all it is a poor component.

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