About Me

Hello there! My name is Edge Pereira, thanks for stopping by.

I am an Office 365/SharePoint consultant and public speaker. As the nature of the consulting life goes, I spend quite a few months of the year travelling on projects, helping customers realise their goals and helping them with their journey ahead, whether it is cloud, programming or just in an advisory capacity I am all up for helping people.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and here it is quite a nice place if you ask me. Not as busy or big as Sydney but certainly my wife and 3 kids don't mind at all. So I'll keep it this way. Happy family, happy life.

The main reason I keep this blog is to share the knowledge. I have been in dozens of projects across the globe. I believe I have a lot of experiences, stories and pitfall-avoiding-strategies to share and quite frankly I think that's the only benefit of being older: I've seen more than lots of younger folks and there is no point in keeping this info only for me. I am all about learning and empowering people. 

I am also a big LEGO Star Wars and cycling enthusiast. So you might one or two photos of these things around here. And yeah, I am a big tour de France fan!

Well, I guess that's me for now. I hope the content you find here can be useful for you somehow.

Catch you later, friends!

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Professional Intro:
Edge Pereira is an experienced Office 365 DLP, SharePoint Architect and public speaker with more than 10 year’s project experience travelling across many countries around the world. He has extensive knowledge of SharePoint technologies with strong focus on SharePoint Online, Office 365 and on shaping the customer journey to the cloud.